Searching for AWE

A guided mindfulness immersion into nature.

slowing down. seeing the beauty. finding the magic. tapping into that child-like wonder.

and most importantly….disconnecting from the outside world.

Next Wandering…

When: March 26th

Meet time: 11am

Where: Falls Creek Falls Trail – meet in the parking lot off Deshazo Road (directions in link)

Duration: 2ish hours + drive time

What: short easy guided hike (under 3miles)

Self-investment: $15

Touching Nature Practices

  • No phones or smart watches (use on airplane mode for AWE photos only)
  • Mindfulness (quiet, limited talking)
  • Introspection
  • Curiosity and child-like wonder
  • Exploration over destination
  • Trust in the universe
  • Open heart and clear mind

Moments of AWE

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