Plants Are Medicine

Most plants, even one’s we call weeds or poisonous have some medicinal properties. Sometimes it’s a matter of dosing and what part of the plant we utilize – the roots, the leaves, the stem or the flower.

Whether you are searching for a stronger connection to your truer self, heightened spirituality, lucid dreaming, or a more holistic way to deal with anxiety and depression there are plants here to help you.

Blue Lotus

Or maybe you’re seeking a boost in your immune system, enhanced brain functioning, dealing with a vitamin deficiency, or a more holistic way to aid a medical concern. There are plants for that too.

Let me clarify, I am NOT a doctor nor do I claim to be one. What I can do is share with you the research I have done over the past 25 years in holistic, alternative and natural remedies, preventions and health enhancers. As well as, the research I have completed on companies, products and services that I personal use – no, I do not make money from promoting these companies – and recommend to my friends, family, students and clients.

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