Oracle Card Readings

The universe speaks in symbols, signs and silence. Using oracle cards one is able to connect with the universal energies receiving Divine wisdom, guidance, inspiration and even clarity.

I utilize a variety of oracle cards that I have spent time connecting with over the last few years. If a reading does not have an Oracle cards deck referenced then you can choose from one of the following: Mystic Shaman Oracle, The Mayan Oracle, Animal Spirit, Osho Zen Tarot, Energy Oracle or Earth Warriors Oracle cards.

Medicine Wheel Wisdom Reading

Readings Offered

  • 1 card readings – inspirational, one question clarification or guidance
  • 2 card reading – The Path. The Obstacle.
  • 3 card readings – Past. Present. Future.
  • 3 card consultation using The Mayan Cards – Illusion. Integration. Gift.
  • Relationship reading – 4 cards: you, the other person, the shadow side and the illuminated side.
  • Life Purpose Adjustment with Divine Guidance (4 cards) using the Earth Warrior or Mystic Shaman Cards.
  • Yearly spread (birthday to birthday) using the Animal Spirit cards

Yearly Spread

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