Workshops with varying focuses to assist in your body’s health and mobility that will benefit your yoga practice, as well as your every day activities, sports, and hobbies. Learn about the body’s mechanics and muscle activations needed to protect the body, build transferable strength, create balance and reduce pain and injury. We will discuss the intricate role your neurology and psychology plays in all of it and tools/exercises to improve your range of motion and overall mobility with be taught.

Past Workshops

Forward folds come from the mobility of the pelvis.

January 30th

Sun Salutation A Break-down

The Sun A, as it is often referred to, is a series of 10 poses moving synchronistically with the breath and includes what instructors refer to as the Vinyasa or the Flow through and there are various ways one can practice Sun A’s.
In this workshop we will break-down the sequence of poses for our individual bodies taking into consideration the body’s bone structure, current level of strength, injuries/limitations, etc to find what works for you and lowering the risk of injury.

Pelvis mobility is key for such movements

February 27th

A.M.P = Anatomy. Mechanics. Purpose.

All about your hips

Structurally we are all different but mechanically, our structures work the same. This workshop will focus on the hips and pelvis – what is ‘normal’ range of motion? What do imbalances look/feel like? How about resistance and the range of motion needed for your specific level and choice of activity. You do not need to practice yoga to benefit from this workshop.

Charka locations and symbols

March 27th

Intro to the Chakras

Chakras is another name for energy centers, which we have 100’s of in our bodies. In this workshop we will focus on the main 7 Chakras – location, color, emotions, and movements connected to each one.

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