Encompassed WellBeing

A holistic, wild and detoxified life at your edges.

Holistic Living Detoxified Life

Strengthen your BodyMind intelligence and overall wellbeing with a healthy life diet through learning how energy effects all areas of your life – and everything is energy – movement, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, stillness, toxins, boundaries, etc.

Together we will detox your life and build healthier holistic practices that work for YOU.

Discover Your Body’s Hidden Potential

By letting go of the standardized ideas of exercise and weight training and focusing more on overall movement and mobility we gain functional and transferable strength in all areas of our lives.

Together we tap into the neurology and psychology of what is holding you back, bring awareness to habitual patterns that are creating injury and chronic pain, and train the hardwired startle response we are all born with to work for us instead of against us.

Unleash Your Inner Wild

through touching nature meditations, explorations, plant medicine and immersing yourself in the wilderness you can live closer to your life’s edges and learn to get comfortable in the discomfort.


yoga + community

Our mission at Yoga(mmunity) is to strengthen community one asana at a time with local collaborations making yoga more accessible, elevating wellness and igniting unity.

created by Deanna Dzybon

Hi, I’m Deanna

seeker of stillness, wonder and life’s edges. healing facilitator. wilderness explorer. movement specialists.