Your Wellness Is In Your Hands

with Encompassed WellBeing, we walk this journey together towards a stronger bodymind connection, heightened self-awareness, healing on all levels and a more authentic life of living.

Upcoming gatherings, events & workshops listed below

Build a Healthy Life Diet

Strengthen your BodyMind intelligence and overall wellbeing with a healthy life diet through learning how energy effects all areas of your life – and everything is energy – movement, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, stillness, toxins, boundaries, etc.

Discover Your Inner Wilderness

Uncover self-limiting beliefs, release what is no longer serving you, gain self-knowledge, unpack culture programing and childhood domestication, and heal on all levels through emotional awareness, energetic therapies, and plant medicine.

Explore Your Wildness

through touching nature meditations, explorations, plant medicine and immersing yourself in the wild.


yoga + community

Our mission at Yoga(mmunity) is to strengthen community one asana at a time with local collaborations making yoga more accessible, elevating wellness and igniting unity.

created by Deanna Dzybon

Upcoming Wellness Gatherings, Workshops & Events

A journey of self-discovery

Each week we will discuss a new Self-Love practice in detail and what that means for you and your life. Begins 1/10/22

Exploration over Destination

Offering individualized and small group nature based meditations, explorations, plant medicine experiences and off-trail navigation, safety and survival education programs.

A.M.P. Workshops

Anatomy. Mechanics. Purpose. Awareness. Mobility. Proprioception.

Hi, I’m Deanna

healing facilitator. wilderness explorer. green witch. movement specialists. seeker of stillness, wonder and life’s edges.