Your wellbeing is in your hands...

choose self-love more often and shift your wellness into high gear.

Hi, I’m Deanna…

thanks for stopping by.

I am a Transformative BodyMind Educator. Yoga & Movement Specialist. Connector. Writer. Communitarian. Explorer. Ignitor of One’s Inner Wilderness. Illuminator of Life’s Edges. Nature Lover.

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Encompassed Wellbeing is an integrative holistic approach to complete wellness on all levels.

AND yes, I know, Encompassed Well-Being is a strong statement with inspiring and maybe even some scary implications.

Encompassed – to surround and have or hold within.

Wellbeing – the state of being healthy, happy, or prosperous. To hold wellness in all 5 Koshas – 5 layers of Self: physical, energetic, mental, spiritual/wisdom, and bliss/ethereal.


Let’s walk this journey together.


Our mission here at Yoga(mmunity) is to strengthen community one asana at a time with local collaborations making yoga more accessible, elevating wellness and igniting unity.

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