I am here to inspire, teach, and support you in living a more holistic, nature-based, detoxified, and wonder-filled life of wellness on all levels.

My Approach to Health


We come from nature. Nature is in us so, it only makes sense that nature will also help heal us if we let it. Everything in nature is interconnected working in a symbiotic relationship.

Supplementing our way to health is never going to work if we do not strengthen our connection to nature through forest therapy, plant medicine and building a relationship with the sun.

All Encompassing

“Conventional healthcare has failed us when it comes to chronic disease, and to actually feeling better, because it is overspecialized, fragmented, and lacks a strong preventative approach.” ~The360Upgrade

I believe true wellness comes from looking at the whole body, encompassing the whole person through creating a container where sickness and dis-ease is unable to thrive.


No health and wellness program works if it isn’t attainable, that means doable, pragmatic and accessible by those who are truly ready.

Attainable means no gimmicks or trends. Only evidence-based knowledge, real science as well as ancient wisdom passed down through centuries of discovery, practice and self-study incorporated into one’s life.


yoga + community

Our mission at Yoga(mmunity) is to strengthen community one asana at a time with local collaborations making yoga more accessible, elevating wellness and igniting unity.

created by Deanna Dzybon

Hi, I’m Deanna

Lover of movement, nature, connections, adventure and childlike wonder. Seeker of stillness, intimacy, wild open spaces, playfulness and laughter.