Meet Deanna

I am a Connector – to the Body, to Nature, to the Divine and to the Self. I am a Writer. Communitarian. Wilderness Explorer. Illuminator of Life’s Edges. Lover of Movement, Earth Warrior. Seeker of Stillness. Searching for wonder, beauty and love.

Movement + nature have been an important aspect of my life since my childhood days of team sports, baton twirling, gymnastic and playing in the woods. As an adult the idea of movement transformed from team sports to fitness training, sprint triathlons, rock climbing, Stand-up Paddle-boarding, and my introduction to yoga. In my 30’s, yoga at that time was ‘just another workout’ that quickly grew into a journey of self-love + personal growth as well as awareness with compassion. Realizing now that my connection to nature and movement has always been my mindfulness practice. A place of connection to my true self.

After years of having a career in Social Work, I left my career in social work to work in the outdoor industry and travel. This conscious decision took me to Thailand where I enrolled in a month-long yoga and meditation certification course. After receiving my 200hour Yoga Teacher certification, I moved back to Winston-Salem to start my own business. I focus on making yoga more accessible and appealing, planting seeds of kindness, cultivating wellness, building community and supporting local businesses. She created Yoga(mmunity) = yoga + community.

Off the beaten path

I enjoys working with beginner yogis as well as athletes., focusing on building transferable strength, fluid movement and mindful balance, undoing the effects of lifestyle habits and working out the imbalances in one’s body in order to create a more functional and less injury prone container to live in. Private Yoga & Movement Sessions and Yoga-mmunity Schedule.

I began her journey towards better health after a hospital stay in my early 20’s. I researched, studied and practiced making healthier choices not only in the food I ate but also in the products I used. This lead to pursuing my certification in Integrative Nutritional Health through the Institute of Integrative Medicine. I have also been a certified fitness trainer for 25+ years. 

In addition to the yoga, fitness and nutrition; I mentors my clients on how to live at their edge and finding encompassed well-being.

Pushing past the fear, stepping into their truth, healing from past trauma, gaining self-awareness and emotional responsibility all while living the life they are meant to live. 

Email Deanna to work with her or for further information.

  • 200hr Yogs Teacher Trained
  • IIN Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Reiki III (Master level)
  • BodyMind Connection Specialist
  • TFW Level 1 Coach & Former ISSA Fitness Trainer
  • Functional Anatomy Specialist & Continuous Learner
  • Touching Nature Therapist, Earth Warrior & Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Living Life at My Edge Mentor
  • Author & Life’s Edges Blogger
  • Creator of Yoga(mmunity)
  • In-home Pet Sitter – Dizzi Dawgs

A little visual peek into my life and it’s edges…

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