I reside in
Winston Salem
I offer remote and in person programing.

With an extensive background in corporate team-building, leadership facilitation, outdoor adventure and program development added to my expertise in improving the health and wellness of the individual, I am able to offer customized wellness programs to small and/or large groups or organizations.

I have provided wellness-based services to Ralph Lauren, The Budd Group, UNCSA, Wake Forest University and many others. These services included but are not limited to movement, meditation, yoga, stillness, healthier living, emotional awareness, personal growth, how to detox your life, self-love practices, etc.

When people are living a more holistic, detoxed, healthy and authentic life they are able to connect more with themselves creating stronger self-awareness which leads to a the ability to connect more openly with others from a place of compassion. This in turn cultivates a less toxic and more connected kind work environment.

Together we can create a customized program for your company and employees based on your needs and goals.

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