Blue Lotus Vibrational Healing Ceremony

Meditation and heart opening Blue Lotus Vibrational Healing Ceremony nurturing your connection to your inner knowing in a courageous and safe space.

July 2nd 1-3pm

at Lewisville Wellness Center

Join our Sacred Healing Ceremony as we gather together in community for an evening of awakened presence connecting with the energies and spiritual properties of the Blue Lotus Flower the vibrations of healing sound. flower in conjunction with the Full Moon energies.

The full moon is considered to be the ‘energetic peak’ of the month making it the ideal time to slow down, tune in, release what no longer serves you and set in motion all you want to manifest with the coming new moon.

Connecting with the plant in tea form, through meditation, journaling and being held in a sonic-womb of immersive, meditative vibrational frequencies. This soothing experience allows the body to enter a state of deep rest, where multi-level healing occurs naturally and enabling the medicinal properties of the plant to do it’s magic.

•Connect to your intuition

•Access inner knowing

•Bridge the heart & head

•Calming tranquility

•Moves stagnant emotional energies

Blue Lotus Petals and Stamens

This is an educational, experiential, healing, connective, and transformative space being held by Deanna and Lyra.

We will gather at Lewisville Wellness Collective (formerly Divine Yoga).

Doors will open at 12:30pm and the ceremony with begin promptly at 1pm. Please arrive early.

You will leave with a renewed connection to your inner compass, an expanded heart, a stringer sense of self and a small package of that months sacred plant to continue journeying with at home.

Self-investment: $44


To register and hold your space: Venmo Deanna (@encompassedwellbeing) or Paypal Please include your name, event and date of event in subject line.

What to bring:

  • A mug of choice
  • Journal and pen
  • Socks (if your feet tend to get cold)
  • Water if you want
  • Open heart
  • YOU…all of you just as you are

If you have never experienced the essence of this sacred flower I highly recommend it.

A little about the Sacred Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus is a flower with strong medicinal and spiritual benefits. It has been used in rituals and ceremonies for many many years in Egypt, Greece, India, and parts of Asia due to those medicinal and spiritual properties.

Considered the flower of intuition due to its effect on the pineal gland, many ancient cultures believe it enhances their connection to the spirit realm and uses it to assist deep meditative practices. Its uplifting and full-body euphoric effect promotes a state of joy and relaxation with a stronger connection to consciousness.

The Lotus flower grows from deep dark mud and slowly makes its way through the mud and water to the light.

The saying goes: No Mud No Lotus – No Struggle No Growth.

A message I received after a Blue Lotus Ceremony and Integration Session.

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