Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

Meditation and heart opening blue lotus tea ceremony nurturing your connection to your inner knowing in a courageous and safe space.

November 20th 2-4pm

at Sanctuary at West End

Blue Lotus Flowers with Amethyst

Join our ceremony as we gather together in community for an afternoon of awakened presence as we commune with the energies and spiritual properties of the blue lotus flower in conjunction with the New Moon energies of renewal and growth.

Connect to our inner knowing.

Open to receiving any and all possibilities.

Love yourself more deeply.

The Blue Lotus Flower Tea Ceremony will take place an intimate space with a small community of people seeking a stronger connection to themselves, the divine and others. The flower offers a full-body euphoric sensation opening all of the the senses to consciousness and the universe.

If you have never experienced the essence of this sacred flower I highly recommend it.

Connecting with the medicine


Monday, August 29th

meet at 6:00pm

Ivy Bluffs Trail in East Bend

Water Therapy

Self-help books, plant medicine, energy work, therapy, etc can all be part of the healing and personal growth process. However, those modalities are all limited without time spent progressing and integrating the experiences.

One way to integrate it to get out in nature. I am offering a short easy hike, water therapy and a guided meditation session Monday evening following the ceremony for any of you who would like to begin the integration process.

Bring water, a journal, writing tool, and towel to dry your feet/legs off with.

You are welcome to attend this nature based water element mediation and journaling experience without attending the Blue Lotus Ceremony the day before.

A little about the Sacred Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus is a flower with strong medicinal and spiritual benefits. It has been used in rituals and ceremonies for many many years in Egypt, Greece, India, and parts of Asia due to those medicinal and spiritual properties.

Considered the flower of intuition due to its effect on the pineal gland, many ancient cultures believe it enhances their connection to the spirit realm and uses it to assist deep meditative practices. Its uplifting and full-body euphoric effect promotes a state of joy and relaxation with a stronger connection to consciousness.

The Lotus flower grows from deep dark mud and slowly makes its way through the mud and water to the light.

The saying goes: No Mud No Lotus – No Struggle No Growth.


$25 – Blue Lotus Ceremony (space is limited)

$35 – Blue Lotus Ceremony & Integration Session

$15 – Nature-based Guided Meditation Water Medicine Only

Payment Options

Venmo: @encompassedwellbeing (type 8/28 ceremony in subject line)

PayPal: (type 8/28 ceremony in subject line)

Cash: see me at a yoga class

Private and customized plant medicine ceremonies and experiences available upon request.

Plant Medicines: Blue Lotus, Mugwort, Dream Herb, Kanna, Mullein, Klipp Dagga, blends of plants, mushrooms, Mad Honey, etc.

A message I received after a Blue Lotus Ceremony and Integration Session.

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