Earth & Sound

Healing Tea Ceremony

Join our Earth & Sound ceremony as we gather together in community for an evening of awakened presence connecting with the energies and spiritual properties of a sacred plant and the vibrations of healing sound.

Every month we will work with and learn about a different sacred plant. Connecting with the plant in tea form, through meditation, journaling and being held in a sonic-womb of immersive, meditative vibrational frequencies. This soothing experience allows the body to enter a state of deep rest, where multi-level healing occurs naturally and enabling the medicinal properties of the plant to do it’s magic.

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Calendula Flower⁠ (calendula officinalis)⁠

Calendula is one of the most common remedies in the world of herbalism and alternative health. ⁠

The yellow and orange flowers connect us to the sun and with the second (Sacral) and third (Solar Plexus) chakras. ⁠

Spiritual Attributes of Calendula:⁠
• Cleanses the energetic field • Promotes spiritual healing and higher connection to self. • Aides inner wound healing⁠

Medicinal Properties Calendula: ⁠
• Detox with a liver focus • Inflammation modulator• Relieves muscle cramps & tension • Anti-microbial, oxidant, spasmatic, and cancer • Supports digestion • Immune tonic • Stimulates lymphatic system – Alterative and Lymphagogue• Fever reducer • Used for gastrointestinal problems ⁠

and topically, Calendula is great for wound healing, soothing the skin and cell repair.⁠

This is an educational, experiential, healing, connective, and transformative space being held by Deanna and Lyra.

We will gather the 3rd Friday of the month at Lewisville Wellness Collective (formerly Divine Yoga).

Doors will open at 6:30pm and the ceremony with begin promptly at 7pm. Please arrive early.

You will leave with a renewed connection to your inner compass, an expanded heart, a stringer sense of self and a small package of that months sacred plant to continue journeying with at home.

Self-investment: $55

What to bring:

  • A mug of choice
  • Journal and pen
  • Socks (if your feet tend to get cold)
  • Water
  • Open heart
  • YOU…all of you just as you are

Pre-registration is required.

Sacred Plant Medicine Schedule

  • January – Blue Lotus – intuition/3rd eye
  • February 17th – Buchu Leaf – opening
  • March 24th – Mugwort – grounding, psychoactive
  • April 21st – Calendula Flower with Rose Petals – self love and awareness
  • May –
  • June
  • July
  • August
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