Holistic Living Diet

“What is a healthy life diet?”, you ask?? Well, let’s talk about that…

A healthy life, or as I like to call is – All Encompassed WellBeing – takes into account ALL areas of your life, not just what you choose to eat or not eat.

Diet {N} – a regular series of activities in which one participates.

We all carry cancer cells, virus, fungus, and bacteria in our bodies all the time but yet we aren’t all walking around sick and incurable. Why?? because it’s not the virus or the cancer cell or inherited genes that cause the sickness or disease…. it is one or more of those things in conjunction with the type of environment they are in.

Salt Lamp, Mugwort, Healing Stones

One must ‘fix’ their internal environment in order to greatly lower the risk of sickness, disease, terminal illnesses.

Is YOUR life diet turning on these ‘bad’ genes and cells??

Together we will address your current lifestyle diet and begin taking small steps towards a healthier, poison free and low stress diet that will inevitably begin to raise your vibration leading to a less inhabitable environment for sickness, disease and illness.

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