Activate. Move. Play.

….move more of your body in more ways gaining balanced strength, stronger stability, and high performances with less pain.

Next Session:

the 4 Mondays in March

6 – 7pm

at Master’s Fitness – 214 N Broad St. WS, NC

– More movement over more exercise

– Range of motion over flexibility

– Gain neurological information for safer more fluid movement

– Understand how your psychology inhibits your mobility

– Learn where your sensory motor loop is stuck and how it fix it

– See how compensations for imbalances can lead to chronic pain and bring awareness to your habitual patterns that cause it

the pelvis is key to your body’s overall mobility, power and balance.

Limited to 10 people ready to move, learn and get strong!!

  • each person will fill out a form regarding their physical health, past/current injuries, current activities, type of work, etc.
  • each person will receive some individual attention for a personalized assessment. This will be beneficial although not a full comprehensive assessment.
  • each person will receive a 20% discount a 5 session package for individualized coaching on the physical level as well as some one the energetic level.
  • everyone will gain knowledge about your own body and build a tool bag of movements to assist with your personal pains, limitations and imbalances that can be practiced at home. 

Self-investment: $100

Let’s get moving: together@yoga-mmunity.com // 336.577.8874

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