Movement Specialist

How your body feels now has nothing to do with your age and everything to do with how you treated or didn’t treat your body over the last however many decades.


I teach yoga in a way that works for you and YOUR body; taking into account your skeletal structure, past injuries, current aches and pains and any other physical limitations you may or may not have.

Yoga is a personal practice where I guide and teach you in ways that not only allow you to gain strength and stability in the body in a safe and anatomically correct way but also creating strength in the mind. This is a whole person practice: mind, body and spirit.

Functional Movement

Functional movement is transferable movement – the ability to get down on the ground, get back up, play with your dog, kids or grandkids, spend an afternoon doing yard work, go for a hike, etc and be able to walk and function the next day without pain.

Functional movement is the ability to move in all planes in simple and complex ways. This includes pelvic mobility and a fluid spine. Working with the individual skeletal structure + any injuries, wear & tear and limitations, we can help create more space and mobility in the body through safe and effective ways.

Together we work with your body in passive and active ways to unlearn habitual patterning, reducing imbalances in the body, and gain muscle activation in inactive areas in order to alleviate chronic pain and discomfort.

Neurology + Psychology

Movement is complex. It’s not just about the biomechanics of one’s body. Our brain’s #1 priority is to keep us safe. Movement or the ability to move is linked to:

  • vision – not just how well you can see
  • vestibular – balance, inner ear communication and connections
  • proprioception – where your body is in space in relation to your environment and other parts of your body
  • pain neuroscience – noci-ceptors, pain response, etc
  • brain function – connections, communication, pathways, neurons, etc
  • psychology – fear, past injuries, etc.

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