we can walk this path to wellness.

I help you make the connections between the body, the mind, and the emotions/energy to the physical manifestations and habitual life patterns, inspiring your inner healer to step forward and lead you towards encompassed wellbeing.

Physical. Energetic.

Structural & Anatomy Based Yoga

Mobility & Range of Motion Work

Joint Stability & Imbalance Balancing

Functional & Transferable Strength Building

Energetic. Mental.

Personalized Nutritional Education

Whole Life Healthy Diet Upgrade

BodyMind Connections

Emotional Awareness & Responsibility

Meditation. Mindfulness. Stillness

Reiki – energy work

Oracle Card Readings

Spiritual. Bliss.

Grounding in Stillness

Barefoot Living

Walking Meditation

Touching Nature Explorations

Exploration over Destination

Living Life at Your Edges

I met Deanna around 5 years ago, it was my first time trying yoga and she was the most wonderful human being, I consider her more than my yoga teacher, she taught me that yoga is more than just an exercise, it is a lifestyle.

Deanna helped me when none of the doctors could, she change my nutrition and taught me how to love myself again at 42, sometimes you get lost in being a mom, wife, and daughter that you forget who you are.

Working with Deanna doing Yoga and making adjustments in my nutrition changed my life.

Thank you, Deanna for being a part of my life

Jackie W.

Let’s walk this wellness journey together.

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