Touching Nature

Realign with your inner wilderness by creating a stronger connection to the natural world and your innate being.

I truly believe Mother Earth provided us with everything we need to maintain a long, healthy and thriving life.

Most plants, even one’s we call weeds or poisonous have medicinal properties. Sometimes it’s a matter of dosing and what part of the plant we utilize – the roots, the leaves, the stem or the flower.

Whether you are searching for a stronger connection to your truer self, heightened spirituality, lucid dreaming, or a more holistic way to deal with anxiety and depression, insomnia or other mental health concerns there are plants here to help you.

Or maybe you’re seeking a boost in your immune system, enhanced brain functioning, dealing with a vitamin deficiency, or a more holistic way to aid a medical concern. There are plants for that too.

Let me clarify, I am NOT a doctor nor do I claim to be one. What I can do is share with you the research I have done over the past 25 years in holistic, alternative and natural remedies, preventions and health enhancers. As well as, the research I have completed on companies, products and services that I personal use – no, I do not make money from promoting these companies – and recommend to my friends, family, students and clients.

Exploration Over Destination

From touching nature meditations and mindful walking, include intentional connections, barefoot walking practice (when trail is appropriate), guided or specific intention setting meditations, water therapy, grounding, chakra balancing therapy and allowing the pause when something catches your eye.

To learning and understanding how to navigate through the woods on trails and while hiking un-marked trails and on various types of terrain. How to prepare, what to look for, the environment, orientation, risk assessment, weather, and safety vs survival, etc.


Customize your experience

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