I Published a Book

Edges by Deanna

Life is full of edges and this was a giant leap over one of my life’s edges. My life’s edges are different than your life’s edges, which are different than the next person life’s edges. It’s up to each and everyone of us to learn our personal life’s edges, step through the fear and move closer to those edges with courage and compassion.


Even considering the idea of publishing a book was a step towards my edge. But actually doing it?? Now, that was jumping right on over that edge. You see, I have never thought of myself as creative or an artist, even-though I have performed in Theatre and have written poetry since I was a child. Being a writer has been a dream of mine that I never thought would come to fruition. Especially when I am constantly telling myself I can’t write. I am not any good. There are so many people better than me.  but here I am…a published author.

Edges, is a book of some of my writings and photos. Eeeeek!!!  It’s a little scary. It’s exciting. It’s real!! The process was therapeutic, healing and eye-opening. At times, a struggle. I was full of doubt and ‘who am I kidding, I’m not a writer!?’ thoughts. I pushed through, moved closer and closer to that edge with the love and support from those close to me. It felt good. No, it felt amazing to hold this book. this finished product, that I created in my hands. I hope you like it 

I would be honored if you choose to check it out. Buy a copy. Write a review.  Thank you!

Purchase here

Published by Deanna

Earth Warrior ~ Yoga Teacher & Movement Coach ~ Izzee's Mom ~ Living life at my edge and inspiring others to live closer to their life's edges - no matter how small or scary - one step at a time.

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