Some Days Are

Some days are harder than others and seem as though they will never end. 

A setback piled on top of loss, layered with disappointment, uncertainty and self-doubt then sprinkle a little Self-judgment on top.

No, this is not a whoa-is-me self-pity post. I mean, if we’re being honest, don’t we all have days like that? 

Allowing the emotions to be there. To sit with them is challenging and uncomfortable but necessary…IF you’re looking to move through it and beyond it.

Yesterday was such a day. I sat with a flood of emotions and unforgiving thoughts.. I felt lost. I felt alone. I cried. I got angry. I sat and I breathed. 

Having allowed the emotional flood, I was then able to talk it out with vulnerability (and if I’m really being honest … feeling like a hot mess), with someone I trust and know in my heart loves me, won’t judge me, believes in me and has my best interest at play. 

Taking it is helping me to take a step back, exam the past and see my track record of handling and moving forward from past setbacks, disappointments and loss. To understand what works for me…and what doesn’t. Because, even though we may not like it loss, disappointment, and uncertainty are unavoidable and part of life’s edges. 

Moving through challenging days can be just that…challenging. Allowing and accepting the emotions will bring you out the other side more quickly and with a new sense of strength. Rejecting, avoiding and denying the emotions will only bring more darkness, self-sabotage and a sense of defeat.

Find someone you trust to talk through it with but only if you’re ready to be honest…with yourself. Only if you’re willing to be open and vulnerable…with yourself. That’s your edge…find it, step closer and breathe there; even knowing that fragmented pieces of yesterday will bleed into tomorrow. 

Published by Deanna

Earth Warrior ~ Yoga Teacher & Movement Coach ~ Izzee's Mom ~ Living life at my edge and inspiring others to live closer to their life's edges - no matter how small or scary - one step at a time.

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