Life’s One Certainty

Natural Disastrous, terrorist attacks and serious illnesses have a tendency to bring the reality of death closer to the forefront of our thoughts. This pandemic is no different, yet death is the one, actually the only certainty we have in life. 

Knowing that certainty we still try our damndest to outsmart, out run and, medically manipulate death at any and all costs. I believe that stems from the westernized view of death. What happens after death? Is there a soul that lives on? Where do we go Heaven or Hell? IS there reincarnation? 

Some cultures have the audacity to celebrate and even rejoice for their loved ones in death. The Western world says, “how dare you celebrate in such a dreadful and saddened time.” But is it? dreadful and sad?? 

I guess that really depends on what YOU believe. Now, I am not speaking about this blind faith so many walk through life preaching. And not what you were told to believe when you were 5 or 12 or even 18. But what YOU believe. Believe deep within your inner knowing. Have you thought about it?

With all of that, I have one question…

Is the goal of living as long as one can missing the point of why we are here? Aren’t there more important things than living the longest life? How about living the most beautiful life? The most fulfilled? 

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Life’s One Certainty

  1. I had never thought about these types of questions until my first wife was diagnosed in June of 1993 with a rare form of thyroid cancer.

    Separate from my wife and what the doctors told her, using the details from the oncologists, I independently discovered through my own research on thyroid cancers that no one had yet survived this rare form more than 4.5 years from the first diagnosis. The average was about 3.5. I shared this with no one. She was never told it was a rare form.

    Apparently, her doctors chose not to tell her the truth, which I fully appreciate is often done so a patient does not lose hope or begin to expect that will die sooner than they thought.

    I joined with them and her family to always expect something new to try, as many people have done. For better or for worse, I have always been an optimist.

    But, I began asking myself questions like you posed. I researched everything I could find about death by reading about different world views on death and life. Ultimately, I decided on what rings true for me.

    I would like to share my thoughts, not answers, to your questions. So, my beliefs are as follows:

    Living a long and “healthy” life is not the point for everyone, but it could be the point for someone whose life’s purpose is to be alive for helping others through this life in a myriad of possible ways.

    Everyone also has their own life’s purpose to “experience” life according to “God’s Divine Plan” for them. Only each individual can decide their answers by asking their “inner selves” these questions. Whereas prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening to God through your inner self.


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